Harry’s Milkshakes
Harry’s Milkshakes

Harry’s milkshakes is the brain child of Harry Blake from a little known village called Hunsterson, which is very near to Nantwich in Cheshire.

At Harry’s we have always been huge lovers of everything tasty. Especially milkshakes. Which is the exact reason why we thought we would make them.

We take the finest ingredients we can find and add them to milk and put it all in a bottle for you to drink. So when you pick up one of Harry’s milkshakes and it says chocolate on the label you know it has real chocolate in it. This same theory goes for all of our range, so you won’t find anything artificial in our products.

We believe that our milkshakes and munchies are the yummiest nicest milkshake and munchies on the planet. If you agree, or if you think we could improve our range in any way then why not write to the cows and tell them yourself. Just click here.

We hope you enjoy our products.
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